Serbia Part II: Belgrade, a city of contrast

Belgrade is so far one of my favorite cities.  It has something that remind me home a lot, contrast everywhere.

Massive Soviet style buildings,  Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman architecture mixed, 3 very recent wars destroyed pretty much everything and got rebuilt over and over.

Hotel Moscova

This is the Hotel Moscova, a fancy building in downtown. But just next to it we found these awesome grafitti

Grafitti 12013-09-11 13.39.10 2013-09-11 16.00.28

At night is possible to find very cozy places to have dinner, or, a laud caffana to drink rakia (national spirit) and listen to turbo folk.

We went to a very cozy italian restaurant to fill our stomach with pasta and prepare ground for rakia

 2013-09-11 20.24.33-1

The last day, I (nobody else wanted to come) went to the Nikola Tesla Museum, it’s quite small but very interesting and interactive. Here in the picture you will see two gringos playing with AC at a very high frequency travelling trough the skin.

 2013-09-12 08.50.45


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